Pipeline Epoxy Coating That Will Bond Solidly to "Sweaty" Pipe

Pipeline epoxy coatings bond to wet pipe or sweaty pipes, Corroless-USA pipeline epoxies are reinforced with glass flakes for wet or sweaty pipeline maintenance and anti-corrosion pipeline protection.Corroless-USA formulates pipeline epoxies that solve difficult pipeline problems.

Coating a "sweaty" pipe? Then Corroless EP Rust Stabilizing Epoxy is your best bet. Rust is stabilized by what we call the "Corroless Effect" that comes through a special pigment from Germany.

In addition, this coating is reinforced with millions of heat-hardened borosilicate glass flakes in its formulation. The glass flakes rise to the surface as the coating cures, inter-leafing themselves (like millions of shingles on a roof) and laminate into tightly controlled, dense layers.

This process gives Corroless EP a super-hard surface of glass. The benefit it provides is an additional layer of protection between the substrate and the soil or atmospheric environment, blocking moisture and oxygen from entering the coating. It's double reinforcement and double protection in a 2-coat system!

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  • Are you coating a discharge pipe with high operating temperatures? Then Corroless 250°F Plus is your solution.

  • Fast set-up time a must? Consider our Spray Grade Kwik-Set Rehab/Field Joint Epoxy that sets up in 1 hour for back filling, or the 3-hour Brush Grade formulation.

  • Need a coating for underwater service - crossing a river or stream? Or any body of fresh or salt water? Our Kwik-Set Sub-Sea/Marine Epoxy is the answer to your problem.

Whatever your pipeline coating problem, Corroless-USA has an epoxy coating that provides the solution! Through the years, the Corroless name has been the standard that pipeliners count on to solve their critical coating problems.

Corroless-USA's epoxies fight corrosion tooth and nail and win for countless years of service!

For specific product technical data sheets, a list of users, a report on the many international testing laboratories that have tested and studied Corroless epoxies and their special attributes, answers to frequently asked questions, industry field studies - all these and more are available on "The Corrosion Engineers' Guide to Choosing Effective Epoxy Coatings."

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